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Everything here is legit….they are not scammers

Best place to get a fur baby 💓 the owners provided amazing service and were super understanding with us! It took 3 days and the puppy was delivered to my home address.

Stephanie Soto
December 09, 2022

What a great adventure

I am a dog lover. And I never thought to work in the company that loves dogs. I am very grateful to be with an amazing team. Thank you Mugleston Kennels!!!

January 12, 2023

Thank you Jason

The breeder is so knowledgeable and sweet! He has all the paperwork His puppies are the cutest it’s hard to pick just one! The perfect gift! Highly recommend doing business with this breeder for quality pups!

Mellisa Love
December 06, 2022

pet lovers

Very knowledgeable and trustworthy people. Answered all our questions without any hesitation. It’s been few months now and we still can rely on their support and advice! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who considers getting themselves a dog. We are very happy with our choice and it feels like our family is finally… Read more “pet lovers”

James robbin
January 05, 2023

Very impressed

Got a beautiful pitbull from them for an Xmas gift for my children and Loki is a blessing to our family as he fits right into my family without sparing giving us insurmountable love from the start 💖🥰😘 I recommend this breeder. Jason always got beautiful Pits and he is very professional. He treated us… Read more “Very impressed”

November 29, 2022

Very Unprofessional

Very unprofessional. Still haven’t heard back from them after 4 emails. I’m taking my business elsewhere.

Aura Perez
San Marcos, CA


This is a great pet store. Seriously, they have really great quality puppies. I purchased a puppy with JD Carr and he was very helpful, and friendly. Literally explained everything about how to take care of the puppy. When you purchase from them you get papers, all shots up to date, and some reasonable puppy… Read more “awesome”

Inna Vitenko
December 10, 2022


There is no better team of volunteers and staff at Mugleston kennels. The team has found homes for over 14 thousand dogs. Their application process and standards are high as they look out for the best interest of the dog. Great place to volunteer and support these amazing dogs. Awesome place to find that special… Read more “wow”

Andrea C
August 08, 2022

Not everyone online is a scam

I was very nervous about ordering a dog online. JD Carr and Jason made us feel so comfortable and answered all our questions. We met our little guy on this website and within 1 week our puppy was delivered by the sweetest pet nanny who kept us informed throughout the flight. I highly recommend these… Read more “Not everyone online is a scam”

Clice James
December 06, 2022

JD carr and Jason are my heroes

We purchased our first puppy a couple of days ago and we are very happy with our Decision! If you’re looking for a puppy this is the place to go! If you want someone that can answer all your questions (and we had ALOT, this is our first puppy). Go to JD Carr He was… Read more “JD carr and Jason are my heroes”

Veena Patel
December 09, 2022

I will surely come back for more puppies

I recently purchased a red-nose pitbull puppy from this store and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The staff took the time to help me find a dog that fit my household and one that honestly was perfect for me. I don’t know how they do it but they matched me with the best… Read more “I will surely come back for more puppies”

Khatera Latif
December 09, 2022

best experience ever.

Best experience!! We had the pleasure of working with Jason and he was amazing! he arranged videos and pictures to be sent from the breeder before we received our new baby Piper. Communication was great. And the delivery of our puppy was amazing! I would highly recommend anyone to purchase their new fur baby through… Read more “best experience ever.”

Jessica Jackson
December 18, 2022

Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

After years of wanting a dog for our family. We have always loved & respected American Pitbulls. We hear great things about Mugleston dogs. Right from the start, we had great communication. We ask for a boy and when the litter was born. Jason emailed to let us know we got a boy. The day… Read more “Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value”

Atlanta, GA

We have nothing but praise for Jason and JD

The first gift I gave my wife when we were engaged 35 yrs ago was an APBT puppy; and now 5 kids, 2 grandkids, and six Pitbulls later… we met Jason and JD and purchased our 8th pitbull puppy! She is remarkable in every way. Excellent health, structure, and demeanor. She is calm, confident, curious,… Read more “We have nothing but praise for Jason and JD”

Carlos Marlin
Brighton, CO

best pet store ever in USA

I and my sister bought our pitbull puppy over here in October and she was the best-groomed dog I have ever seen. She came with her shot records and she was already potty trained at 9 weeks and the staff was friendly and helpful I highly recommend this store to anyone

Steven Anderson
November 15, 2022

very greatful

3 years ago I got our best friend Teddy here. they delivered him to my home address.  I’m really grateful for this store. hoping to get another puppy before Xmas.

Sasha Shtern
December 10, 2022

Thank you JD Carr

I love the puppy I received from them, he is very happy with us and is in perfect health we are happy to be a repeat customer of this breeder

Wilson Ventura

Their professionalism was awesome

I got my French bulldog from here and let me tell you I can’t be happier. It was an incredible experience, Jd carr, Stacy, and Jason were helpful. Jason answered all my questions, Stacy helped me with the training and of course, Jd carr was helping to get all the supplies. Zeus is a wonderful… Read more “Their professionalism was awesome”

Georgina Oviedo
September 17, 2022

My family was so excited as was I

My family was so excited as was I. We have named our female puppy Mayweather before we even got her. Really we got the puppy, collars, and the microchip. Just to be safe. Josh & Jason were super professional and always kept up on updates. We felt like we weren’t gonna just get a backyard… Read more “My family was so excited as was I”

Anderson Peña
Mission Viejo, CA

love this store

This was our first time buying a puppy from a pet store, and we are so happy we did. Our little Mary is such a sweet dog and now a year old she is in perfect health. We have had friendly pups before but Mary is truly a nice pup. We would definitely recommend this… Read more “love this store”

Joshua Cantu
December 11, 2022

Nice pup

Thank you very much Mugleston kennels. Choppy is a great pup and I thank you very much for adding him to our family.

Peter Johnson
December 07, 2022

Great pet store

Mr. JD Carr is his name and I am so pleased with him. Got him on February 22, 2022, for my mom and it’s a regular tug of war for this Lil guy. He has brought so much joy to my mom during the loss of her sister. My experience with the breeder was excellent,… Read more “Great pet store”

Marche Haughton
December 08, 2022

nice place

Very good! Very professional breeding and reliable. Gives a lot of information about the dog and how to take care of the puppy. Provide insurance for your puppy and they are there if you need any help. The puppies are very good and healthy. The whole family is very happy. Honestly reliable breeders…recommend 100%.

Ester Burda
December 14, 2022

Good selection

We feel we’ve won the lottery! our puppy has a BIG personality and stunning markings. When we encounter people and pets on our daily walks, everyone remarks that he is such a happy and cute pup. His transition into our home was seamless and he has brought us immense joy!

Kingston Biggs
December 07, 2022

special thanks.

The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions, did not pressure me at all to buy a puppy, and did not rush me when visiting with puppies. Special thanks to JD Carr who was the main person I spoke with and he was just very awesome.

Russ RS
January 13, 2023


Very kind store owners, we’ll be back to see the new puppies when they arrive. We got a puppy in December, great personality and so easy to train him so far after we brought him home. My 3 year old boy adores him. Thank you

Lisa Klien
January 07, 2023

Unfair Pricing, Not Professional At All

I drove from Houston to get back home quickly to surprise everyone in the family. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. I definitely got railroaded by the Mugleston’s staff. The kennels needed to be cleaned for starters, they did not disclose the flaws until I got there to see them with my own eyes. No… Read more “Unfair Pricing, Not Professional At All”

Alberto Rodriguez
Houston, TX

thank you.

Me and my family came to this store from a recommendation. We Came in looking for an English bulldog for $2000 and found our perfect sweetest dog. We immediately fell in love with her and the staff was Beyond amazing and friendly. They made the buying and financing process very smooth. Definitely recommend this place… Read more “thank you.”

Leidy Diaz
December 08, 2022

Very professional

Chocolate color puppy – Pitbull. I normally don’t write reviews, but this baby was just waiting for me. The experience was the best. The Mugleston Pitbull Farm website is super easy to use and the breeders are super friendly and go above and beyond to answer your questions and give you tips on your new… Read more “Very professional”

Gragon Productions
January 18, 2023

I had a great experience there

This place was amazing!! Where to begin… when I first came in I saw this cute little guy and wanted him immediately. I was told he would be ready to buy in two weeks and in that time I could come visit however many times I wanted and play with him. Every day I visited,… Read more “I had a great experience there”

Hannah Zerbib
December 07, 2022

Jason is a true professional

Jason is a true professional and has a heart of gold. You can tell he is extremely passionate about his dogs. I was truly impressed with how effortless the process was from start to finish. My Vida girl is perfect and exactly what I was looking for! I would recommend Jason to anyone looking for… Read more “Jason is a true professional”

Clara Mendoza
Long Beach, CA

great puppies

JD is an expert in his field, very easy to get on with and more importantly he answered all of my questions in great detail. I recommend his business to anyone who needs a professional opinion and is looking for that dream merle puppy.

Tomasz Szymczak
January 03, 2023

so amazing

We got our new puppy from Mugleston Kennels last week, after visiting a few times and being in contact with them I knew I definitely wanted a dog. I knew I wanted a Pitbull, the kennels are very clean and the dogs are well kept. The staff are very friendly and extremely helpful answering all… Read more “so amazing”

Emma Hilditch
January 09, 2023

You can give them a try too you won’t be disappointed

This is the second dog we’ve just recently adopted from Mugleston pitbull farm. Same as the first dog absolutely wonderful. she’s exactly what we looking for. We told the Mugleston staff what we wanted and we found cookie

Frank de la Torre
september 27, 2022

I am a dog lover

We are so dog-allergic, we knew we needed a pitbull as another family member has one and we are fine with it. So then I spent a couple of months looking for a puppy to adopt, but it turns out they don’t end up in shelters! Finally, I found a Good Dog. And they had… Read more “I am a dog lover”

Mary Buchtel
October 30, 2022

The shipping process was awesome.

She is so sweet and wonderful! They make sure their puppies are super loved and transitioned into loving homes.

Trina The Council Real Estate Group
November 24, 2022

thanks to mugleston kennels

They helped me and my grandma and we fell in love with the puppy we got! They all were very kind and responsive! Jason helped me and my grandma get our little Annabelle. Very kind and they were very sweet.

Kennedy Wohlfeiler
December 02, 2022

love these guys

Amazing help from Jason and JD Carr. they listened to me and gave me some advice on how to take good care of my appliance. They suggested a Herbal remedy and it has worked efficiently. I also observed that the shop was well-organized and very clean. I really love coming back here again and again.… Read more “love these guys”

Devan Elijah
November 25, 2022

Great company and very Friendly.

I had a wonderful experience buying a sweet little puppy from Mugleston kennels. They were so kind and very informative about the French bulldog breed. She came with her fist set of shots and a little gift bag. Definitely buy your new fur friend from them!

Elliott Lewis
December 01, 2022


Everything about this place is good fast in everything

atenekara betrand
December 16, 2022

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