BREEDING | Best Pitbull Puppies for sale on Earth

BREEDING | Best Pitbull Puppies for sale on Earth

Thank you for visiting Mugleston Kennels, home of the Best Xl Pitbull Puppies for sale on Earth. Our goal at Mugleston Kennels is to produce perfect family dogs. We selectively bred all our dogs for temperament. Our Team Combined, have over 40 years of experience work with the American pit bull terrier Breed, as well as a strong background with the XL Pitbull Terriers and The American Bully. 

As you may know, we breed extremely rare colored Xl Pups, these are not your typical blue nose you hear about. Our BULL PUPPIES FOR SALE have has been selectively bred and designed to be puppies that are extremely therapeutic, amazing companions, loyal guardians, and second to none when it comes to intelligence. Over the years our puppies have helped complete hundreds of families worldwide and we would love to help complete yours. Below you will find a link to our puppy contract; Please take a moment to read it. 

Also if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us directly at Contact Mugleston Kennels. Contact Eddie! Luna the 110lb XL Pitbullhas has proven herself with multiple litters that produced some of the best Champagne pups available. Her pups have unmatched temperaments and are full of nothing but love. This breeding between The Blue Tri Merle Checkah and the Champagne Luna will produce Blue, Champagne as well as the possibility of Blue Merle and Champagne Merle pups. 

Luna is close to retirement and this is breeding you don’t want to miss out on! This will go down as one of the most memorable XXL Breedings of 2021! The most beautiful, muscled-up Champagne XL FEMALE XXL Luna goes head to head with one of the Best XL Merle pitbull studs! These dogs will have the incredible temperament, amazing size, and beautiful colors we hit a home run with this one! All backed by the highest quality pedigrees you can ask for in a true XXL puppy. These puppies will be registered with the American Bully Kennels club. This litter is for someone looking for a BIG DOG.

The Best American Bully Puppies for sale will come from this breeding.

PITBULL PEDIGREE MADE OF LEGENDS, the Best producing PEDIGREE of this Decade. George’s pitbull bloodline has Shadow of Mugleston Kennels and Dark Dynasty K9s Hulk. These two alone will create some Monster Puppies and they will be the perfect family dogs. This massive and powerful pit bull combo is stunning. His size beauty and temperament are impressive, to say the least. These Pitbull puppies will be some of the Best Puppy Pit bulls you will ever see. We expect massive Head Size and Shape thick rears, strong muscle tone, and an all-lilac litter of puppies.

PS. This pit bull’s Chest is perfect. His front end is amazing and we love his overall disposition. Biggest Pitbull Puppies In The World Lb forb. Merle Pitbull Puppies for sale, one of the Best Lilac females to walk the earth: We choose Rorschach as Hazels next date for a few reasons. This Pitbull puppy has one of the best merle coats we have ever seen and is extremely healthy. His Head Size and Shape are perfect. His Chest is perfect. His front end is amazing and we love his overall disposition. Huey and Julie will produce some beautiful Rednose, Bluenose with the possibility for blue ghost Tri, Lilac ghost Tri, Lilac Tri, and Blue Tri.

Don’t worry even if your puppy doesn’t have the Tri pitbull puppy markings theirs a good chance it will be a Tri pitbull pattern carrier!” XXL PITBULL PUPPIES COMING SOON”.

JUICY: This stout XL Pitbull has produced 140lbs pups that are 7 months old currently. She is dual registered with the American Bully Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club. A proven temperament that’s great for families with children, dogs, or anything your household can throw at it. 

She’s full of energy and ready to go whenever you are! This Incredible breeding will produce foundation-quality American Bully/American Pitbull Terrier that will jump-start any program. SHADOW: 165lbs of the pure beast. This BLUENOSE XXL is nothing short of the perfect family dog. Perfect temperament, size, and beautiful appearance were brought together to make the perfect dog. He’s a proven producer of large heads big chests and gigantic bully puppies.

He is a stud who has produced a beautiful litter time and time again, and he will do his magic again with Nola. If you are looking for a massive family dog that will grab the attention where ever you go these are the puppies you will want! This breeding brings together amazing puppies for sale with two unique pedigrees and is guaranteed to provide quality pitbull puppies that will bring their color, structure, and temperament into your home. These puppies will produce, champagne, black, blue, chocolate, and Lilac color.

Regardless if you looking for a pitbull puppy for breeding, showing, or a family pet this is breeding you won’t want to miss out on. “Shadow” is a world-famous XXL bluenose pitbull. He has been viewed over 12 million times on youtube and Facebook and was bred with Phoenix to produce the biggest and best. The bloodline in these puppies produced colors like Champagne, Black Blue, and Chocolate. If you are wanting to own something big and one of a kind, this is the breeding for you. BIG VICTORIA XXL.” Victoria” Our brothers at The Pack XXL made this breeding happy.

This XXL looks like a male pitbull but is a female named Victoria. She is one of the best bluenoses out. There’s no lying in saying that Victoria is one of the biggest female XXL pups in the United States. She has the perfect xl pitbull bloodlines in her pedigree. Contact Eddie! PAYMENT PLANS AND MILITARY DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE. Bullyade helps dogs suffering from PARVO, COCCIDIA, DIARRHEA, or anything that causes DEHYDRATION. It is also a great PRE-WORKOUT for your pet.

Isn’t it nice that now our best friends have better options than just water every time? Bullyade changes the flavor of your pets’ water to BEEF or CHICKEN. A flavor they just can’t resist. LILAC TRIS IS ON THE WAY! At Mugleston Kennels We Work Extremely hard to make sure you get the best puppy on earth. Our XL Puppies are selectively bred for families. American Pit Bull Terrier: Why Are Families Choosing APBT Dogs? August 6, 2021. What is an American Bully? Why a Tri-Color Pitbull is a Rare Bully Breed.