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Wanting to rescue a 3 year old female pit mix

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      I’m really wanting to rescue a 3 year old female pit mix from the local shelter but I can’t seem to get my boyfriend on board. We already have a male that is 12 years old and is also a pit mix. I think he needs a sister! This is really bothering me. She is a great dog and is deserving of a loving home. I cant stop thinking about her. Serious, helpful advice excepted.

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      I agree to a slow introduction is best. So many of these breed in shelters. Just try to help the boyfriend understand that this pup needs a loving home. I had a Staffie when I moved in with my now-husband and decided we did not need 2 houses I asked what about Nikko and he said to bring her here with us. She lived to be at least 16 and now we have her great-grand pup Nikita.No one can decide for you just talk to him and see if you can just let the dogs meet at a neutral site and see how they react.

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