Puppy Contract & Return Policy

Puppy Contract For An American Pitbull Puppy

The puppy with microchip is delivered as a pet, vaccinated, wormed and with a microchip. The pedigree will be delivered according to the timing of the institution related to the release of the pedigree. At the time of the sale, the breeder guarantees a certificate of good health signed by a veterinarian by carrying out a visit and signing that the puppy is in good physical health.

The guarantee once left the breeding has a duration of 15 days and only on viral diseases such as:
parvoviruses and distemper (considered in veterinary medicine the maximum period of incubation for these diseases). Possible parasites such as worms, protozoa or coccidia, etc. are not taken into consideration in the guarantee as, besides not being dangerous for the puppy if properly treated, they are very common parasites in parks, roads or dog areas that the puppy can take after the adoption with great ease,
the breeder will have treated the puppy previously for such parasites. As regards the redemption defects, the guarantee is six months from the date of birth of the puppy, and the puppy can be returned by obtaining another puppy in exchange for the availability and planning of the pairings; or it can be maintained, without requiring any payment of medical costs, by the buyer with a partial refund corresponding to 30% of the total value paid to the breeder. 

This guarantee is considered valid on condition that the defect is declared to the breeder within and not beyond a maximum term of six months of age of the dog through certified communication channels such as a registered letter or email to contact@muglestonpitbullfarm.com, making to receive, at the expense of the purchaser, the veterinary documentation proving the genetic origin of the defect.

All diseases relating to the hair and epidermis such as dermatitis, demodectic mange, etc. are exempt from the guarantee.

No surgery or care that will be carried out on the puppy will be reimbursed unless approved and agreed in writing with the breeder. Any surgical interventions that fall within any agreements made and signed between the parties will be carried out possibly and exclusively at the discretion of the farm veterinarian and not by third party professionals, otherwise, in addition to not having any refund, there will be the lapse of the guarantee itself.

Additional Conditions:

  1. The Buyer expressly declares that he/she is NOT an animal dealer/retailer and that the dog is purchased for himself.
  2. The Buyer guarantees to collect the puppy only after the sixty-first day of life with the balance of the agreed amount and no later than the seventy-fifth day of age (or not more than 4 months and 2 days after birth but communicating it in writing to the breeder ), unless otherwise agreed, signed and signed beforehand with the breeder. Otherwise the down payments and the right to withdraw the puppy will be lost. In addition, the breeder reserves the right to further retain the puppy for an indefinite period of time if it believes that it is not yet ready for adoption.
  3. The Buyer agrees to keep the dog in excellent health by ensuring periodic routine veterinary checks, checks in the event of illness or illness; regular and periodic vaccination cycles in relation to contagious diseases present in the area of residence, and prophylactic interventions for internal and external parasites.
  4. The Buyer agrees to provide physical exercises and to socialize the dog with similar and human to maintain an adequate physical form and a correct socialization and character formation and to NEVER hold the dog tied to a chain (even if regulated in the state of residence) or in a place unsuitable for his psycho-physical needs.
  5. The Buyer agrees to provide the dog with an adequate diet consisting of high quality dry or moist high quality foods.
  6. The Buyer accepts that the dog lives in his own home, in the family environment, having in this way to develop a balanced character; the place where the dog is held in the absence of the owners must be totally enclosed and free of dangers.
  7. The Buyer accepts that the dog is not used in any activity or action that could endanger its character, health or life and to inform the competent authorities about any loss, changes of residence and death by showing related documentation.
  8. The Buyer has the full faculty to castrate/sterilize the dog except for different indications noted on the Notes of this contract; if the Buyer decides not to castrate / sterilize the dog, he agrees to pair the dog only and exclusively with dogs of the same requirements (good pedigree, healthy and with pedigree) approved by the Breeder;
  9. The Buyer agrees to provide the Breeder through the application for cellular “whatsapp”, e-mail or facebook photo of the dog and to allow its use for the promotion of the Breeding and to personally show the animal for checks on his condition and on his growth when requested.
  10. The Breeder declares that both parents are healthy subjects and in excellent health conditions on the date of their ascent.
  11. The breeder declares that the dog has received the first vaccination (if delivered in two months, if in addition it will be delivered with the respective calls for vaccination).
  12. The buyer declares to explicitly sign and accept the renouncement to obtain refunds or credits if the dog for any reason was returned to the transferor breeder.
  13. The Buyer declares that he intends to allocate the puppy object of this contract only to the following function: companion dog.
  14. The Buyer declares to have carefully examined the dog indicated above as the object of the contract which puppy is found to be appreciated for its morphology and character, such as not to have reservations in its qualities; the breeder declines all responsibility for aesthetic or morphological defects present in the dog after the transfer.
  15. Upon shipment, the buyer assumes all risks regarding the health of the puppy during such shipment. The responsibility and any charges and duties of the shipment are therefore only charged to the customer.
  16. If for any reason the buyer decides that he no longer wants the puppy and wants to bring him back to the farm, the breeder will decide whether or not to take the puppy back based on the availability of the facility and no payment will be refunded.
  17. The shipping costs are fully borne by the buyer and must be paid before the journey is booked. The purchaser can choose to collect the puppy personally after prior communication agreed with the breeder if he wishes.
  18. No deposit paid will be reimbursed in the event of failure to collect the puppy within the terms provided by this contract.
  19. If in the pre-transfer period the puppy unfortunately dies or pathologies arise which compromise the “standard” no deposit will be refunded but at the discretion of the breeder a puppy of equal quality of one of the following litters will be sold at the discretion of the breeder to availability.
  20. If in the pre-transfer period the puppy unfortunately dies or pathologies arise which compromise the “standard” no deposit will be refunded but at the discretion of the breeder a puppy of equal quality of one of the following litters will be sold at the discretion of the breeder to availability.
  21. Buyer may take this  puppy to a Veterinarian of choice within the next three business days for examination. If  deemed unhealthy in any way, the puppy may be returned to the breeder for a full refund  of the purchase price after the seller’s Veterinarian has determined the buyer has not  caused the health problem.

Breeder reserves the right to reclaim said puppy, should the buyer be unable to provide adequate food, shelter, attention, veterinariancare or should the puppy be  allowed to roam loose or be kept in such a way to endanger its life or safety. In the event the terms of this paragraph are invoked, breeder shall not be obligated to pay buyer any consideration in as much as buyer’s breech shall be considered an abandonment of said dog.