Mugleston Kennels

We picked up our puppy “Preston” 2 weeks ago, his first experience with us was a 6 hr. He had his first hotel stay that evening in Stockbridge, MA. he was so well-behaved both in the hotel and in the car and now loves riding in the back seat wherever we go. His name is now “Odie”. What a chill little fellow he is and very social with all the other dogs in our condo community. We also have a cat and they are slowly getting used to each other, that will take time but we are seeing improvements every day. He has adapted to our home easily and is very good about being in his crate at night and when we go out, which is not very often but he seems very content in there. We are constantly complimented about how cute and friendly he is, he’s a hit in all the stores we take him to. His first trip to the vet went fine, he will be neutered and chipped in a few weeks. We would recommend Mugleston Kennels if you are looking for a puppy. Our experience was first-rate. It is a professional and very modern well kept facility. Jason and his wife were very good to work with.

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