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After years of wanting a dog for our family. We have always loved & respected American Pitbulls. We hear great things about Mugleston dogs. Right from the start, we had great communication. We ask for a boy and when the litter was born. Jason emailed to let us know we got a boy.

The day finally came to pick up our boy at the airport. It was the greatest feeling ever! To have such a rare and beautiful breed. Blaze has been a staple to our family. We couldn’t have asked for such a good and gorgeous dog. Blaze and my daughter Guinevere grew a special bond. Blaze is very active and a great workout dog with his energy. Both love running together and going on daily walks. This inspired Guinevere to work out daily and take up boxing. With one of the best American Pitbulls as a workout friend her mindset was set and focused on curving herself a patch to keep going strong. Both enjoy training inside and outside the gym.

Overall, we are thrilled to have Blaze as part of our family. He’s a family dog and very gentle to everyone he comes around. Thank you to Jason & JD Carr for letting Blaze be part of our family. We couldn’t have asked for the greatest pal.

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