Unfair Pricing, Not Professional At All

I drove from Houston to get back home quickly to surprise everyone in the family. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. I definitely got railroaded by the Mugleston’s staff. The kennels needed to be cleaned for starters, they did not disclose the flaws until I got there to see them with my own eyes. No one could produce any breeding records to me which isn’t a big deal but they also couldn’t produce any OFA certificates. The purchase price increased by three hundred dollars in person which wasn’t what we agreed on.

The price increase was a deal breaker for me. I was hoping to get a pitbull locally as I don’t want a pet shipped in a box but that is what things are looking like now. I feel like you’re paying more money because the Mugleston name is associated with the pit bulls which is unethical in my opinion.

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