We have nothing but praise for Jason and JD

The first gift I gave my wife when we were engaged 35 yrs ago was an APBT puppy; and now 5 kids, 2 grandkids, and six Pitbulls later… we met Jason and JD and purchased our 8th pitbull puppy! She is remarkable in every way. Excellent health, structure, and demeanor. She is calm, confident, curious, and affectionate. She is energetic and loves to play and amazingly she Sleeps through the night in her kennel starting the second night here. She is also gorgeous. Communication with Jason and JD has been amazing since the first day I emailed them. Every email is returned promptly, and they even FaceTimed during the delivery of the pups when they were being born! That was an amazing experience. They have been so patient and gracious to send pics and videos of our little girl each week while we were waiting to get her. She arrived clean, with a beautiful coat, and we have nothing but praise about how the entire process has gone with Jason and JD.

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